Why was there no Glass speakers before Waterfall’s and how does it work ?

Clearly Waterfall is the pioneer in this field, because as seen above, glass is very dense, but it is a very reflecting material, which is a real obstacle to the conception of a speaker, as the energy generated from the back side of the driver, needs to be damped. In a conventional speaker, manufacturers use various damping materials inside the enclosure, but in the case of a transparent enclosure, it defeats the object of the exercise!!!

The challenge was then to dampen this energy within the enclosure without using damping material, which appeared impossible.

The secret of the functioning of our speakers is all in the patented technology “Acoustic damping tube “ADT. It is a very simple principle: rather than muffle the energy on the sides of the speakers, it is as efficient to muffle it at the source, that is, right from the back of the driver.

The acoustic damping tube is therefore located at the back of the mid-bass driver and has 3 main functions:

  • Damping of the mid-range frequencies
  • Acting as a hydraulic damper in the low frequencies to control the excessive excursions of the cone to notably reduce distortion and increasing low frequency power handling
  • Perfect insulator between the driver and the glass sides.

This technology is applied to the three floor standing speakers: Niagara, Iguasçu Evo and Victoria Evo.

Speakers are normally built out of wood, like musical instruments, so What are the advantages of a glass made loudspeaker ?

First thing to remember: not all musical instruments are made out of wood, ie. Saxophones, trumpets, drums, cymbals etc.., then in the case of a violin or a guitar, the wooden case participates in the tune and sound by vibrating.

In the case of a loudspeaker it is the movement of the driver and not the vibration of the case that gives the sound, in fact when the case starts vibrating, the quality of the sound reproduction is altered. The example being that many speakers manufacturers use structure reinforcing devices to have a more rigid structure, the ideal solution so far has been to use inside panels filled with sand, for its density and inertia and : glass is sand !

So the highly interesting choice of glass is not just for its aesthetics qualities but also for its extreme density, so no vibration of the case will come to alter the sound reproduction.

Is it possible to mix the Krysta line products and the UFL Ultra flat line products ?

Our range of products is designed to be totally homogenous, each of our speakers has the same quality in tone and all share an excellent sound image. The only difference between them being their sizes and therefore the difference in low frequency response and acoustic pressure, in other words, it is the quantity and not the quality that varies.

It is then possible to associate the floor standing and on-wall speakers, to create Home Cinema packs.

What is the Warranty on Waterfall products ?

Like any other product falling under EEC standards , the Waterfall Speakers have a 5 year Warranty : Parts and Service (2 years on electronics).

How can the satellite have such high power handling ?

The electric power handling of a driver is linked to its handling of the heat in its voice coil and its capacity to evacuate this heat. Waterfall, on all its drivers is using teflon voice coil support that can handle a temperature up to 250° C. This heat accumulated in the voice coil is dissipated through the magnet, but once the magnet has reached its maximum temperature, the driver will be damaged.

Therefore, Waterfall has developed the “heatstream technology “, a patented technology, where excess heat is dissipated from the voice coil by coupling our magnet to the aluminium cabinet of the satellite. The body of the satellite becomes a cooler!

How can you have so much energy with such a small speaker ?

In order to compensate for such a small size satellite, Waterfall is using a neodymium magnet in the drivers, because it reduces the size of the magnet but still allows for a perfect magnetic flow, and our driver has a double neodymium magnet for maximum efficiency.

Is it a special glass ?

The glass used in the Krysta-Line products Iguasçu Evo and Victoria Evo is 6 mm thick safety glass with a metallic color coating.. For Niagara Platinum, we use the same glass but in 10 mm thickness.

How do you choose a Home Cinema pack ?

All Waterfall speakers have exceptional performances, so whatever your choice the performance level will be met. Every requirement can be met with our wide range of solutions. The choice depends mainly of the size of your room