Very dense bass reproduction with thundering impact and extraordinary musicality.

With our SUB600S you will experience low frequency in a new dimension like never before. Its 2 x 23 cm (9″) long excursion drivers (32mm / 1 ¼” ) move more air than a traditional 30cm/12″ driver and much quicker as well (2 drivers versus one). Two SUB600S deliver more energy than a 15″ Driver with amazing precision and speed.



The driver’s cone is a mechanical piece which reproduces the signal by oscillating around a rest point so the ideal driver has to move back and forth in a perfectly symmetric way.

During our long years of research and development in France, we have worked to optimize the following parameters to produce such high performance drivers. These optimized parameters are: symmetrical movement of the suspensions, symmetrical force factor of the magnetic field generated by the magnet, stability of the inductive value of the driver and heat dissipation. Thanks to the use of our ultra-powerful engine, the Atohm LD230 driver produces a fabulous bass extension, without any distortion and a phenomenal power handling.


Technical Design


The Innovating design “DPA” (Down pipe airflow) of our SUB600S allows for space reduction behind the screen. In addition to the DPA design, we have a wide and narrow shaped air vent which lets the air flow towards the ground with maximum efficiency, allowing to reduce space between the screen and the Subwoofer. When some other products on the market might need up to 1m (4’) space between the back wall and the screen, the use of 1 or more SUB600S requires a max distance of 30cm (12″)between the back wall and the screen.


Find all the information you need
clicking on the following links.


Find all the information you need clicking on the following links.


Data Sheet


Peak Power

900 Watts


Bass Reflex Subwoofer


22,5″ x 8,5″ x 34,5″
(LxDxH Inches)


88,2 lbs